Away We Go!

Incredibly I am preparing for my 5th season as “The Voice of the Hokies.” Even more incredibly, at least to me, I am also preparing to turn 40. As I’m sure many can relate to, in the moment it has gone slow. Patience has never been a virtue to me and obtaining things that I’ve wanted out of life have at times been an excruciatingly long journey. But, hindsight has a way of quickening the pace, and as I reach milestones in life I have realized it is time to get going on some of the dreams that I have put on the back burner while I chased others.

One of those for me is writing. I have greatly enjoyed bringing you the “Behind the Mic” columns since taking on this role and have certainly appreciated your kind words on some of those messages. I have also appreciated the people close to me that have encouraged me to write more, and in many ways it has rekindled one of my first passions. As I have chased my dreams in broadcasting, some of those things have fallen by the wayside. Writing has been one of those. No more I say. I will take up this pen (keyboard) and begin today. That seemed noble in my head.

But, in any event, enough waiting around for the right time or a gap in the schedule. This site will be my first foray in writing more. I hope that this forum will allow me to comment on a lot of things that generally fall outside the scope of calling games, although many of the topics will certainly trend in that direction. It does occupy most of my time after all! And, I look forward to our interaction on those comments. So, away we go. Into the great beyond…or as far as this $96 a year site will take us. I hope you enjoy this step outside the comfort zone!